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·best choice· for anyone wanting to share their love of piggies + paws with everyone they know!


We bring the exciting p+p gallery experience to you and your group. As a comfort and covenience to you, a licensed artist will bring everything needed to showcase and begin the creation of your custom piggies + paws artwork. Invite everyone you know to gawk and shop at your next "pop-up" p+p gallery. Contact your local artist to book your event today.


·best choice· for anyone needing a private appointment with a local artist.


Private Printings are available at the discretion and availability of your local piggies + paws artist. There is a private printing fee of $25 which may be waived if a minimum of 4 designs are ordered. Please contact your local artist for avaiable appointments.


·best choice· for anyone in need of a customized service.


This is a custom process and package originally offered to our celebrity clients. All piggies + paws designs ordered in this package will be printed and completed by Founder/CEO, Jennifer Thomas. Prices vary depending on location and details involved. Contact Jennifer Thomas directly to create a package that works for you.

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·best choice· when your p+p artist is booked, but you need to get printed fast!


"Crashing" or stopping by a piggies + paws gallery in your town is a quick way to get your printing done ASAP. The artist will approve your attendance with an existing hostess, and soon you'll be in the midst of the p+p gallery excitement while making new friends! Contact your local artist and make arrangements to attend the next scheduled gallery in your area.


·best choice· when a local artist is unavailable - send prints electronically.


Digital Piggies™ allows us to use any existing hand or footprints you have from anyone, at any age, as long as they can be sent electronially. We will use our unique process to transform any hand/footprint into a basis for our exclusive designs. All secondary, topical embellishment is hand applied and skillfully added depending on your design choice. This process is great for redeeming Gift Certificates or anytime a p+p artist is not available.



·best choice· for any occassion or last minute gift.


You can share the joy of piggies + paws with anyone by purchasing a Gift Card. GC's can be redeemed with a local p+p artist or through the digital piggies™ process. If you know anyone with an upcoming birthday, wedding, baby shower or any other special event, give them a gift like no other. 




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The first step to getting your own piggies + paws artwork is to "get printed" by one of our carefully trained p+p artists. Every one of our piggies + paws designs starts with a strategically placed + positioned hand or footprint. Getting the ideal "print" is a lot harder than it looks. The quality of the print + it's specific placement is the core component to acheiving the exquisite look of our artwork. Contact your local artist today to see our full portfolio of 500+ designs and "get printed" today! There are 6 ways to begin your piggies + paws journey of hearts!

6 ways to get printed
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