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Our Angel Piggies® artwork was created to honor and celebrate the precious lives that left this world too soon.


The loss of a loved one is the most difficult thing we will face in our lifetime. There are few things more comforting in the greiving process than our heartfelt memories and tangible momentos. In our healing, we deeply long to have and to hold anything and everything that specifically belonged to the life and love we have lost. The memories of our loved one's face, voice and touch are things we will cherish for a lifetime, because these things can never be duplicated.


The hand and footprints of those we love are just as unique and special. Not only are these "prints" tangible evidence of the "touch" we miss, but also because, every hand and footprint is unlike any other. At the start of every life, we are given our sweetest form of identification. Our one-of-a-kind "print patterns" are said to be determined in utero by the gentle ebb and flow of amniotic fluid upon a baby's developing skin. The significance and meaning behind the hand & footprints of those we love is what inspired our artwork and the creation of our company. Our artwork is meant to capture moments with those we love on our journey of hearts.


In order to honor and memorialize those we have loved and lost, we are now offering our angel artwork. After meeting many mothers and fathers of babies born still, Founder, Jennifer Thomas was asked if she was able to use birth certificate prints to create her p+p designs. Families were wanting a way to represent all their children on their walls with p+p artwork. In most cases, the black hospital prints were the only prints available and that made creating the artwork a bit more challenging. In 2005, a unique printing process was developed and Angel Piggies® was launched. Until recently, Angel Piggies™ artwork was only offered in person, through personal referral and private appointments. Now, thanks to our ever-improving techniques and our specially trained Angel Artists™, the intricate process of transforming the black-ink hospital prints into the colored and exact replicas, we can now offer our memorial artwork globally. If you or anyone you know has lost someone they love, give them the most unique gift that provides comfort and celebrates life and love in the midst of loss. To learn more, please contact one of our specialized Angel Artists™ by filling out the product request form below.




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