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CONTACT our new artist coordinator:

Success! Message received. Our new artist coordinator will be in touch soon.

Follow theses steps and you'll be well on your way to starting a business as a fully trained, independent and licensed artist for piggies + paws! After your 2 week tryout process, you will have a final interview with founder/ceo Jennifer Thomas. If you are a good fit, you will be offered an official contract and invitation to a piggies + paws training with Jennifer Thomas and her p+p team. Read more and start the "tryout process" now!


1. contact "new artist coordinator" to begin tryout process

2. mail artwork samples & "letter of integrity" upon request

3. schedule a critique of personal artwork by jennifer thomas

4. complete "recreation test" upon request

5. schedule a critique of "recreation test" by jennifer thomas

6. attend a training and sign official contract upon invitation

7. receive piggies + paws starter package at training

8. start booking piggies + paws galleries after training

9. receive initial 150/500 original piggies + paws designs

10. start your piggies + paws dream business

tryout process

are you ready?

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