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best choice for anyone wanting to share their love of p+p with everyone they know. +
We bring the exciting p+p gallery experience to you and your group. As a comfort and covenience to you, a licensed artist will bring everything needed to showcase and begin the creation of your custom piggies + paws artwork. Invite everyone you know to gawk and shop at your next "pop-up" p+p gallery. Contact your local artist to book your event today.

3 reasons we come to you:

1. Hostess Convenience

We meet our clients in their homes as a convenience for the host, guests + the local artist. We are not an MLM. There is never any pressure to purchase or hidden agendas. We do offer hostess rewards as a "thank you" for offering your space for us to share the artwork we love to create. To us, hosting a gallery is like having a professional photographer come to you, in your chosen spot to capture special moments for you, your family and friends. No need to prepare food. Due to the nature + creation of our artwork and our open house format, refreshments are optional.

3. Artist Convenience 

We know when someone gets their piggies + paws artwork done they show it off to all their friends and soon, everyone wants their own. Instead of making several, seperate appointments, it is much easier and more fun to bring this unique opportunity to several families at one time.

2. Guest Convenience

Our in-home galleries are done in an "open house" format where guests are free to "come, print, and go" anytime in a 2 hour window. This makes our galleries ideal for accomodating the children in attendance. Since parents are meant to bring their children, there's no need for a babysitter. Dads, teenagers + grandparents are invited too! No formal presentation and no pressure to purchase  

This is the most simple + most exciting event you'll ever host. Everyone loves being invited to a piggies + paws gallery. Your friends will walk away thankful you thought of them + their loved ones.

Our goal is to make the p+p gallery experience as effortless and efficient as possible for all involved. 


You pick

·the spot

·the date 

We send

the artist!


Your artist will

·set up a FB event

·supply all the

beautiful content

·create pre-event

discussion +



You simply

·add guests

to the FB event.

·relax + wait 

until your

gallery date. 

A piggies+paws® gallery is easy to host and fun to attend.

When you decide to book or host a p+p event. It all begins with a gallery or "pop up shop" hosted by you or a friend. Contact your local artist right away for best date options + availability.


Are you ready

to book your gallery?


Be the first to introduce your family and friends to the one-of-a-kind heirlooms created by our p+p artists. Everyone enjoys experiencing the whimsy and excitement found at our p+p galleries. 

Contact us to find your local artist and book your gallery today!

A p+p artist will arrive at your location to set up an instant Art Gallery/Printing Studio. Several beautifully framed samples of our artwork will be displayed around your home. Portfolios filled with 200+ p+p designs will also be available to help you and your guests make your artwork selections.

All topical, hand applied embellishments are custom cut and strategically added at the artist's studio and the entire gallery of orders are returned to the hostess in 6-8 weeks. Using only materials of high, acid-free quality, your child’s print will be transformed into the designs of your choice. Because all embellishment details are custom configured to each person's unique size and shape of print, completion and delivery may take up to 6-8 weeks. Unless otherwise specified, your completed masterpieces will be returned via your hostess with a mounted border and ready to fit in any 8x10 frame. If a larger size is needed, the artist may advise using a 12 X 12 size.

Our original artwork is the most unique way to chart growth, capture memories and document interests year after year as your loved ones grow and change. Attending a gallery is the best way to see the true beauty and quality of our designs. In a relaxed, no pressure environment, your guests will be captivated by each and every design displayed. As orders are made, the hand or footprints will be professionally printed by the trained p+p artist, depending on the designs chosen. The prints are gathered and taken back to the artist's studio where she begins turning them into our original works or art.


THE Gallery:


THE Gallery:

After THE Gallery:

CONTACT our gallery coordinator

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