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i read everything.

it sounds amazing!

i am so ready for this!

what do i do now?


As a licensed piggies+paws

artist, you will:


  • Run Your own Business 


As you venture to start your own business, we train and license you to recreate and sell over 500 hand and footprint designs created by founder, Jennifer Thomas. Her artwork was originally published in 1999 and can only be offered through our company and our licensed p+p artists. Our copyrighted artwork is exceptional in every detail of vision, design and craftsmanship. There is nothing else like it. You will never have to reinvent the wheel or beg clients to purchase. The designs have been established. Anyone with children or people they adore wants piggies + paws artwork on their walls, as part of their decor. Our artists are always in great demand because of our one-of-a-kind artwork and it's appeal to every demographic. As an independent artist for piggies + paws you will be booking galleries to showcase our artwork and providing "anyone who loves someone" with a gift that increases in value over time. With no minimum requirements, you decide whether to do 1 or 5 galleries per week. The earning potential is limitless.


  •  Maintain a family friendly work schedule  


Booking and conducting galleries are two of the most exciting parts of our artist’s job. Galleries allow you the opportunity to showcase piggies + paws artwork, meet clients and touch people's lives with your talent. Beyond printing clients at galleries, you will also be hand embellishing each design in the comfort of your in-home studio. Learning to run an at-home business and embellishing each hand/foot design takes a considerable amount of hard work, commitment and time to become efficient. However, unlike starting a business from scratch, the guessing game of "time required" and "time planning" has been solved by our time-schedule-profit formula. We teach artist specific time management skills that focus on work/life balance and create success in both.


  •  Have a constant support system 


It takes a special person to be an independent artist for piggies + paws. Although, the steady and growing demand for our artwork requires adding more artists and new regions to our company, our "p+p artist" contract is not extended to everyone who applies. Our circle of independent artists remains smaller than it could be, but for good reason. To maintain an uplifting, cohesive company environment, owner, Jennifer Thomas believes, "Any newly acquired artist must first display exceptional levels of integrity, values and morals. Artistic ability is secondary. I can teach artistic skill to anyone willing to learn, but I can't teach the genuine integrity needed in this business. A person either has it or they don't." As a result of the character specific hiring process, piggies + paws is, at it's foundation, an intimate group of high-quality, loyal artists who strive not only for individual success, but for the success and growth of the company as a whole. 


  •  Have a creative outlet & earn a living 


Most artistic and creative people dream of career opportunities that offer both a creative outlet and a financial reward. Unfortunately, these types of careers are few and far between. Sadly, many artists have had to put their gifts and talents on the backburner in order to make a living in another field. Even more rare, are the artistic ooportunities for artists to create and earn a steady income from home. Price points and profits in business rely greatly on time-specific systems and the time needed for creative expression is typically anything, but systematic. In any art biz the excitement comes with every new client, but so does a new idea and a new creation process where pay is set, but time involved is unknown. This makes planning and profiting in most creative businesses extremely difficult. However, piggies + paws has changed the norm with our unique time-specific systems and our 500+ established designs. Now, artists can have a creative outlet without reinventing the wheel, plan their profits and work from home.



Serious inquirer's contact Jennifer Thomas for additional information.



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